Our Process

On-site mixing

Speeding up construction times. Mixed on site with sand and water, LEVELROCK® Floor Underlayment provides an economical way to achieve a lightweight, fire resistant, sound-rated, leveling floor that is generally less labor-intensive than many comparable types of construction.

Pumping Equipment

3,500 Sq. Ft. of LEVELROCK® per hour. With Concrete Floor Tek’s mixing and pumping equipment we are able to install 3500 square feet of LEVELROCK® an hour.Operating two mobile mixing and pumping machines allows us the versatility to efficiently complete projects of any size.

On-site Testing

Ensuring quality and consistency. All our products are tested on-site to ensure quality and consistency of installation. Cube samples are taken and tested for compressive strength. Slump tests verifies that the product falls within the targeted slump range.

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