Finished Floor Custom Home The Durability You’d Expect, With the Modern Look You’d Want!

LEVELROCK® UltraArmor was used over hydronic tubes in this wonderful 3,000 square foot custom built home. The versatility of the product allowed for it be poured over the wood substrate and used as the finished floor surface giving a very unique and modern look.

The Hybrid Cemetitious formula can be used as a wear surface with the confidence that its qualities and performance are equal to concrete at 2/3 of the weight. With compressive strengths that range from 3500 – 5000 psi, this “all in one” product is robust enough to be polished or coated to give our customers the look they want.

This particular project required 2” of LEVELROCK® UltraArmor, which CFT was able to pour in 1 day in two 1’ pours. The customer requested a darker tint to the floor so dye was added to the mix to create a unique aesthetic design that would satisfy their needs.

LEVELROCK® UltraArmor is an economical way to achieve a smooth and monolithic floor that provides fire-resistant properties, sound attenuating characteristics and durable enough to use in any residential and commercial construction.

The end result was a happy customer with the floor they pictured from the moment a shovel went in the ground and LEVELROCK® UltraArmor and CFT made this happen.

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