GAP, Square One

​Concrete Floor Tek provides efficient and economical solutions for The Gap, SquareOne

Contractor, Concrete Floor Tek quickly repaired out-of-level subfloors for the new Gap Store in Square One Mall.

After removal of the existing flooring left an uneven rough subfloor, Concrete Floor Tek (CFT) was called in to tackle the problem.

Using an innovative new product DUROCK™ QUIK-TOP™ Self-Leveling Underlayment, CFT was able to prepare the existing surface and pour in one day so that new floor coverings could be in installed the next day.

QUIK-TOP™ premium poured underlayment features a revolutionary self-drying technology that typically permits the underlayment to dry in as little as 15 hours.

CFT's crew was able to work quickly, since Quik-Top underlayment requires minimal surface preparation –no shot blasting, no grinding and only two coats of LEVELROCK® concrete primer.

With most portland base self-leveling products, the curing process often results in dimensional movement of the self-leveler, creating the need for expensive mechanical bonding (shot blasting / grinding) to the substrate.

DurockQuik-Top™ provides compressive strengths from 7000-10,000psi and eliminates the need for sealing prior to floor-covering installation. Because of its high compressive strength, the underlayment can also be used by itself as a finished floor in conjunction with an approved coating or staining system.

The tolerance for the hardwood flooring required a maximum variation of 1/8 inch in 10 feet. Within two hours of pouring, CFT ran a straightedge across the floors, and concluded that the tolerance had been met and exceeded.

In all, CFT repaired 14,000 square feet of rough uneven concrete for the Gap renovation. The use of DurockQuik-Top™ allowed the Gap store to be up and running sooner than expected.

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