​​Premium Commercial Leveling

LEVELROCK® 4500-NXG Used to satisfy the needs of the most stringent flooring specifications.

LEVELROCK® 4500-NXG was used to top and level 22,500 square feet of concrete planks for an office space in an industrial area in Brampton, ON. The office is located in the company’s warehouse, so they used a high performing VCT, which needed to be durable enough to take abuse and be very flat.

With the constraints in place, the customer came to us with their needs and we knew right away that LEVELROCK® 4500-NXG was the right product for this job.

Being a premium engineered cementitious underlayment, with high compressive strengths up to 5,500 psi, this product was the perfect fit for the floor covering requirements. This product can be poured from featheredge to 2” in a single lift, which was ideal for this project seeing as the precast planks were out of level as much as 1-1/4”. With the use of CFT’s water meter they were able to control mix variables, which ensured a consistent and high quality floor for the customer.

Being able to complete the entire 22,500 square feet in a single day was exactly what the customer was looking for, as the fast setting LEVELROCK® 4500-NXG allowed their trade traffic to continue within hours of the pour. With very little prep work of the concrete substrate, just clean and prime with LEVELROCK® Concrete Primer, no shot blasting or grinding required, allows CFT to complete a large project in an expedited amount of time.

As you can see, CFT levelled a large office space in a short period of time using one of our high performance materials and ended with an extremely happy customer.

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