​Safe and Sound - 4 story condo buildings

Sound Attenuation is the #1 issue in Multi-Family Living and developers are taking notice and action to satisfy this growing concern. CFT offered an affordable solution and this builder jumped on the opportunity to reduce footstep and airborne noise by involving our cementitious underlayment with a sound control mat.

Our combination of 1” of LEVELROCK® 2500 and ¼” SAM-N25 achieve sound control ratings that far exceed the STC levels required by the National Building Code (NBC), as well as decrease the properties of impact related sound by raising the IIC rating substantially. Not only does this floor assembly affect the sound control, but our cementitious formula is fire resistant and is involved in many ULC designs.

By investing in this system this builder was able to enrich the experience of all the occupants of the 285 units in this development and CFT was able to provide a solution that is Safe and Sound.

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