​​Radiant Heat Over-pours

Formulated for electric and hot water radiant heat floor installations in residential and light-commercial construction.

LEVELROCK® RH floor underlayment is non-shrinking to lock radiant heat tubing in place and prevent noise and tube chafing. Also it prevents the high temperature of radiant heat systems from breaking down the floor matrix.

The direct contact of LEVELROCK® RH floor underlayment to hydronic pipes provides for efficient transfer of heat to the underlayment by eliminating any air space that may act as an insulator and lower heat transfer efficiency.

LEVELROCK® RH accepts virtually all types of floor coverings including ceramic tile, carpeting and wood.

LEVELROCK® RH Green formulation is made using FGD recaptured gypsum, which may help a project qualify for CaGBC LEED® credits

​​​Precast/ Slab Leveling

Time is money in construction and we can offer an affordable solution to your hollow-core and slab leveling needs.

When a pre-cast building is erected, the slabs themselves are required to receive a leveling material in order to accept the finished floor covering. CFT can provide a variety of products ranging in compressive strengths of 2,500 –10,000 psi for your leveling needs. Also, in order to speed up the construction schedule we are able to pour up to 30,000 square feet in a single day. Thicknesses can vary from 1/4” – 3” in a single lift and these products can be used to level concrete slabs in any commercial or institutional application without the need to mechanically prep the floor.

​​​​Sound Attenuating Floor Systems

Sound control requirements are becoming much more stringent in Canada. With the National Building Code (NBC) expected to change in the near future, builders are taking a proactive approach in increasing their Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Impact Insulation Class (IIC) ratings in Multi-Family, Hotels, and Retirement Residences.

We offer high quality entangled mats made from resilient polymer resin, which has been tested by independent labs to drastically increase sound control between dwellings. These mats are ideal for increasing ratings on a variety of subfloors such as plywood, OSB, Pre-Cast Concrete, and metal pan decking. With hard surface finish floor coverings becoming much more popular, decreasing the Sound Transmission between floors is a top priority with today’s home buyers.

For more information about our various Sound Attenuating Floor products and assemblies, please follow the links below:

Info sheet 1 Info sheet 2 Info sheet 3

​​​​​Floor Toppings/Underlayments

Being a specialist in the floor underlayment business, CFT offers a wide range of products that can provide a high strength, fire resistant, sound insulating underlayment with a monolithic surface, which is good to accept any type of floor covering.

Pertaining to your needs, we have products ranging from 2500 – 10,000 psi in compressive strength and fast setting products that can accept floor coverings in as little as 16 hours. The products are ideal for use in commercial, institutional, and residential construction and renovation projects.

​​​​​​Finished Concrete Floor System

With new trends in the construction industry moving towards clean modern looks, the idea of a finished floor surface is very appealing to our customers. Luckily we offer various products that can be used as a finished floor, which can be polished, stained and used as a wear surface. These products include ULTRAARMOR, QUICKTOP, PROFLOW, ULTRACAP. We also specialize in systems over Radiant Heat Applications where your floors will be heated, with a stylish concrete look.

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